Soothme -Jasmine Massage Chair - Grey & Black
Soothme -Jasmine Massage Chair - Grey & Black
Soothme -Jasmine Massage Chair - Grey & Black

Soothme -Jasmine Massage Chair - Grey & Black

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Zero Gravity Air Massage

Using technology developed by NASA scientists, you can now enjoy a weightless massage experience in a comfortable reclined position in the comfort of your own home. This high-tech feature will reduce pressure on your neck, increase lung expansion and enhance blood circulation to your heart and improve oxygen flow to your muscles.

Automatic Extendable Leg Rest

Extended Double SL Massage Track Built with a unique double SL track that fits deep into the spine curve, this SoothMe massage chair uses massaging quad rollers that travel the full length of your back right down to the gluteus muscles, where they release tension with a wide massage, and lead to better freedom of movement overall.

Organic Silicone Fascia Massage Rollers
Rolling Massage Function

Adjust your massage intensity with 3 massage widths that target your pain points, 3 massage intensities for better control, and 3 speeds. Activate your preferred setting using the compact LCD touch screen controller and enjoy your deep tissue massage or slow and soothing massage for an authentic remedial effect.

Long SL-Shape Massage Guide


High-Tech 4D Massage Mechanism

The Smart Glide Pro’s deep tissue massage is more effective for relieving back pain. Intelligent 3D rollers extend and retract from the track, applying more pressure to muscles for a targeted, deeper, more effective massage. Activate the Advanced 3D Massage with your favourite automated program or design your own deep tissue massage, retracting the rollers for a gentle soothing massage to ease tension or extending the rollers up to three levels for a therapeutic deep tissue massage with a genuine remedial effect.

Titanium Steel 3D Manipulator Mechanism

14cm deep touch to the neck and shoulders, moving left and right, forwards and backwards. Delicate massage to your body to sooth away tension.

Back Heating

Feel the relief as your muscles ease their tension with a luxury heated massage. This SoothMe Massage Chair performs a soothing massage with back rollers that travel from your neck right down to your buttocks. Enjoy the comfort of a warm massage all-year round in the privacy of your own home or office.

Additional Hot Compress Areas


Negative Ion Air Purification (Can Be Turned On Or Off)


Stretch Function


High Fidelity Bluetooth Music

Play the tunes that relax you most with a high-tech Bluetooth connection that offers crisp, high-quality sound through quality speakers. Match your music with your massage using modern technology that allows for the synchronicity of massage techniques that work to the beat of your music.

Dual Operating Systems


LCD Touch Screen Controller

LCD touch and armrest knob function on a high tech digital screen.

AI Voice Control

Use your voice to activate the power on and off, zero gravity function, heating switch and change programs.


Quality Faux Leather

No formaldehyde is used, ensuring a pleasant smell. Soft to the touch, skin-friendly, breathable fabric. Strong abrasion resistance with no deformation. Anti-fouling and dirt resistant. Easy to clean — just one simple wipe.

Colour Options

Available in two colour designs: black & gold, and grey & gold. This superior design is made with quality faux leather and upholstered to the finest degree. Featuring comfortable padding in the seat, smooth armrests for ultimate comfort and a neat rounded hood, this chair is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Arrives Fully Assembled