Creative Space Saving Furniture Ideas

Creative Space Saving Furniture Ideas

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Small areas at home? Get creative with these space-saving furniture ideas

Looking to free up space while maximizing storage options?

The need for space-saving furniture is a common struggle for all homeowners around the world, and here we show you how to simplify storage and make the most of every inch of your home:

Storage beds

The first advantage to mention is that storage beds are ideal for people with little space, such as in modern apartments.

Buying a bed with storage space gives you a great opportunity to gather all those items, which would normally clutter your room and give you a smart and comfortable sleeping space.

Drawer Beds

This 3-drawer bed offers a great solution for keeping items you need close at hand, but allowing them to be discreetly hidden and out of sight. Drawer beds are a great way to optimize the space in your room and maybe even minimize the number of other storage units you need to purchase.

Modular Sofas

A sectional sofa that breaks down into individual pieces so they can be easily molded, added, and moved, fitting into any contemporary home sounds like a dream.

There are tons of modular sofa options that guarantee that investing in living room furniture no longer means compromising on style, shape, or size - that is, as you and your home change, so does your sofa.

Because this furniture is completely versatile, it means that it is perfect for smaller spaces, you could leave some pieces in the living room and maybe sprinkle the rest of the furniture in rooms and balconies!


Small scale sofa

If modular sofas are not your thing, you could simply get a sofa, a two lounge sofa or a small armchair & ottoman for balance.

Make sure to measure your living room to find a "perfect" sofa that fits your space; a large sofa can overwhelm you and leave you with little room for maneuver. You might be surprised by options like plush velvet upholstery and compact corner sofas.

These options below, apart from being accessible, can also be a perfect match in complementing the colors and giving your room flexibility.

Coffee Tables with storage capability

When you choose a coffee table, it will offer you plenty of benefits in addition to improving the way that your home looks.

Some coffee tables offer storage underneath, which comes in the form of a drawer or a shelf. This can be a benefit because not only can it become a place to house things such as magazines, bowls with keys in, or other knick-knacks, but some offer draw space, which offers a hidden section for your needs.

It isn’t always as easy as today to find other places to house little trinkets and things that you don’t use that often:

hutch storage

Hutch for multiple storage options

Your grandparents may have had this kind of cabinet in their home when you were young. 

You will most likely remember them for being that gigantic piece of wood in the middle of the room, but these days they can help you much more than that.

Use them to store finer pottery and china, which is the perfect use for any sideboard in your dining room or kitchen, you can also store your infrequently used kitchen utensils in a separate place. This helps ensure it lasts longer and won't break when your family searches the cabinet for a bowl or glass every day.

The extra storage underneath can also be used for fine kitchen utensils, such as display shelves, or for winter blankets ideal for a nap on the couch!


Coffee tables obsession

Coffee tables are perhaps some of the most flexible furniture ever invented.

They also serve as beautiful miniature tables for serving drinks and snacks. When there are guests or when it is the holiday season, the smaller tables can be pulled out from below to serve as additional table space.

This round coffee table and delicately finished metal legs are a winning combination. The set is flexible enough to work surprisingly well in industrial, traditional, and modern style spaces:


Round Dining Table

Choosing a dining table for your home is an important decision; it is the place where your family gathers at the end of a long day, the place where your children do their homework, and where you entertain your loved ones.

Dining tables are more than just a place to eat, especially in the last year, they have become the social center of the home. It is also no secret that dining tables are one of our favorite pieces to integrate into the home.

Because there are no corners, a round dining table generally takes up less space than a square or rectangle, making it suitable for smaller spaces.

They also tend to accommodate more people when you have additional guests. Because they are all positioned at a slight angle to the person next to them, it often feels less crowded because they are not all lined up shoulder to shoulder like little soldiers.


Tallboy or vertical drawers

They can keep clothes out of sight but close while taking up minimal floor space. Avoiding bulky dark furniture can give your room an airy appearance, especially if you pair it with a storage bed.

Light-colored items add a feeling of spaciousness rather than overloading a limited space.

Our favorite tallboy of the moment is the narrow Bronte dresser; The style of it is simple yet elegant, making it versatile for a variety of rooms. The deep drawers and high height make it the perfect storage solution for folded clothes or bedding.


Ready to declutter space?

Your home should be one of the quietest and most welcoming spaces you can be in, free from noise and clutter, but full of the items you love most.

We hope these furniture tips and tricks have inspired you to create your ideal spaces when you have little space available. Looking for more inspiration? Take a look at our beautiful selection of bedroom furniture, padded headboards, and stunning armchairs...

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