Everything you need to know about adjustable bed frames

Everything you need to know about adjustable bed frames

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Knowing the right type of adjustable bed frames gives you more freedom in choosing your sleeping routine and furniture.

Recently people have discovered the benefits of adjustable frame beds are gaining popularity as the ability to adapt to support the natural curvature of the spine is critical to a great night's sleep.

Here's our breakdown of the benefits and other things you need to know about adjustable frames.


But first, what is an adjustable base?

No longer so related to hospital rooms, adjustable frame beds, also known as electric beds and electric bases, have migrated to residential rooms.

An adjustable base is an electric bed frame that allows you to change the position of your mattress compatible with the adjustable base. Whether you want to prop your feet, recline to sleep, or sit and watch TV, an adjustable bed base will allow you to do it all, all at the touch of a button.

There are some definite advantages of adjustable beds, including:

One of the biggest benefits adjustable beds offer is improved blood circulation.

Since you can adjust the bed according to your specific needs, you can enjoy a sleeping position that makes it easier for your heart to pump blood to the parts of your body that need it most. For example, if you need to keep a leg or joint in an elevated position, it may be easier to do so with an adjustable bed.

Along with better blood flow, fewer sore muscles and looser joints occur.

It is quite possible that an adjustable bed can help reduce body pain due to gravity, poor circulation, or other physical factors.

Also, if you try to sleep in a traditional flat position on your mattress, then acid reflux can make a full night's sleep nearly impossible.

The bitter bile taste in your mouth that causes acid reflux can wake you up multiple times during the night. However, if you sleep on a slope, your acid reflux symptoms can be greatly reduced and you may be able to sleep peacefully.


Mobility and confidence for those who need it

Adjustable bed frames are often the perfect solution for people who have trouble getting into or out of bed due to chronic health problems.

Whether it's due to age, injury, or another factor, people who sleep in adjustable beds often enjoy better mobility (especially if handrails are incorporated into the frame design).

Some adjustable beds are equipped with built-in massage equipment, these vibrating motors can relax sore muscles and provide a relaxing and comfortable sleeping experience. Also, the massage process can continue while the person on top of the mattress does other things, such as watching TV, reading a book, or knitting a blanket.


Have you heard about zero gravity?

But what does this have to do with adjustable bases? Some bases come with a "zero-gravity" position, designed to take pressure off the legs and spine, mimicking a "zero gravity" sensation.

In the zero-gravity position, the lower and upper halves of the bed are raised. As a result, the legs of the sleeper will rest above the level of the heart, while the upper torso will rise slightly upright, in a reclined position.

This encourages better circulation and even weight distribution, helping the body to relax naturally.


Could you use a regular mattress on an adjustable bed?

While you can use normal internal spring mattresses on an adjustable bed base, you will want to make sure it is compatible before transitioning.

Some innerspring beds have interlocking spirals, which can tangle when adjusted to certain settings.

Consequently, the adjustable bed frames can be compatible with all types of mattresses, including those with internal springs, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses, however, we recommend replacing them with a compatible mattress as soon as possible for a complete experience.


What features should I look for in an adjustable bed frame?

Each adjustable base will have different characteristics, but as a general rule a good adjustable base should have:

  • Remote control to adjust the position of the bed. An app that allows control from your phone is a win!
  • A bar at the bottom of the adjustable base and bottom and non-slip material so your mattress stays in place no matter what position it is in.
  • Under-bed lights, controlled by the same remote control, illuminate the floor when getting in and out of bed in the dark.
  • An elegant and lightweight design that will not alter the aesthetics of your room.

You should also consider whether the adjustable bed you want requires additional parts. Some adjustable bases require their own frame or base that works in conjunction with the adjustable base.


Getting an adjustable bed on a budget is not as far as you thought

If you determine that sleeping in a reclined position helps with your back pain or heavy nights of sleep, the next question is how much you are willing to spend on an adjustable bed.

Once you've set an amount, the following 3 considerations can help you find ways to keep the price low while you get what you need:

Separate mattress? While the term adjustable bed refers to a base that can tilt your mattress to create various sleeping positions, the mattress can be considered separate.

This means that you will have to evaluate whether your mattress is functional or a new mattress if the current one is not compatible with an adjustable bed.

Dual fit options? Not all adjustable beds allow you to raise or lower either side of the bed independently. If you sleep with a partner and you want to have individual frame postures, you will usually have to pay more for an adjustable bed with this feature.

Additional characteristics? Some adjustable beds cost more because they include features that won't help relieve your back pain. You can save money by avoiding adjustable beds with features like built-in speakers, led lights, or USB charging ports.

Whether or not you get an adjustable base depends on your personal preferences, although if you have a health condition, an injury, or are passionate about technology making things easier and more pleasant for us, we can recommend that you try an adjustable bed frame!

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