3 Seater Sofa: A Blend of Comfort and Elegance

Fantasia Furniture proudly presents its curated collection of 3 seater sofas. Designed for optimal comfort and aesthetic appeal, these sofas are perfect for families, couples, or individuals seeking that extra lounging space. 

3 Seater Lounge: Every Moment is Luxurious

Dive into the plushness of our 3 seater lounges. Crafted with precision and passion, each piece ensures a premium sitting experience, whether you're catching up on your favourite show or hosting friends.


How do I care for my 3 seater sofa?

To maintain the pristine condition of your 3 seater sofa, regular vacuuming is recommended. For any spills, it's best to clean immediately with a damp cloth.

Is the frame of the 3 seater lounge made of solid wood?

Yes, our 3 seater lounges feature a robust and durable solid wood frame, ensuring longevity and consistent comfort.

Do you offer fabric choices for the 3 seater couch?

Absolutely! We provide a variety of fabric choices for our 3 seater couches, allowing you to customize based on your decor and preferences.

What is the delivery time for 3 seater sofas ordered online?

Generally, our 3 seater sofas online orders are dispatched within 3-5 working days. However, for specific delivery timelines, it's best to check the product details or contact our support.

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