Queenstown Timber Queen Bed With Fabric Head And 2 Draws

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Description: Step into a realm of pure luxury with the Queenstown Timber Queen Bed. Elegantly designed, this masterpiece brings together the classic charm of timber with a plush fabric headboard, culminating in an experience of both comfort and aesthetic allure.

The exquisite fabric headboard is not just an ornate touch but serves as a cosy backdrop for those nights when you're engrossed in a book or simply unwinding with some music. The two spacious drawers incorporated into the bed's frame are a testament to thoughtful design, ensuring your bedroom remains clutter-free and chic.

Every inch of this bed speaks volumes of craftsmanship, from the detailed wood grain to the soft touch of the fabric. The Queenstown Timber Queen Bed is a delightful fusion of tradition and contemporary design, promising to be the centrepiece of any bedroom it graces. After pay accepted for this product.

Range: Queenstown 

Type: Queen Bed


Dimensions: 2170 x 1350 x 1620