Queenstown Timber Queen Bed With 2 Draws - Mocha

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Description: Step into a realm of sophistication and comfort with the Queenstown Timber Queen Bed. Graced with two spacious drawers and flaunting a rich mocha finish, this bed is the embodiment of functional elegance.

Every aspect of this queen-sized bed screams luxury, from its beautifully detailed timber grain to the purposeful storage space it provides. The dual drawers, seamlessly integrated into the bed's design, offer a discreet yet ample storage solution for your linens, blankets, or personal treasures.

The warm mocha shade complements various décor styles, ensuring that this bed is not just a sleeping space, but also a centrepiece of your bedroom's design narrative. Dive into nights of serene slumber and elegant living with the Queenstown Timber Queen Bed. After pay is accepted for this product.

Range: Queenstown 

Type: Queen Bed

Colour: Mocha

Dimensions: 2170 x 1350 x 1620