Close-up of Queenstown Mirror's Detailed Timber Frame in Mocha
Queenstown Timber Mirror - Mocha

Queenstown Timber Mirror - Mocha

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Reflect the essence of impeccable style with the Queenstown Timber Mirror. A marriage of classic craftsmanship and modern design, this mirror effortlessly brings a touch of sophistication to any space.

Set in a luxurious mocha timber frame, the mirror captures the beauty of simplicity. The detailed grain patterns and the lustrous finish of the timber frame offer a perfect balance of rustic charm and contemporary aesthetics. Whether it's in your bedroom, hallway, or living space, the Queenstown Timber Mirror in Mocha stands as a testament to fine artistry and function. Enhance your décor and amplify the ambient light in any room with this timeless piece. After pay is accepted for this product.

Range: Queenstown 

Type: Mirror

Colour: Mocha

Dimensions: 1000 x 1000