Queenstown Timber King Bed in an Elegant Mocha Finish with Built-in Drawers
Queenstown Timber King Bed With 2 Draws - Mocha

Queenstown Timber King Bed With 2 Draws - Mocha

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Description: Unveiling the Queenstown Timber King Bed — a perfect blend of grandeur and practicality. Drenched in a sumptuous mocha finish, this king-sized bed exemplifies luxury living while ensuring your comfort remains paramount.

Designed to redefine magnificence, this bed showcases intricate timber grain details, exuding an aura of sophistication. The two integrated drawers are a nod to contemporary living, providing a discreet and generous storage space for linens, duvets, or other essentials. This ensures that your sleeping space remains clutter-free and exudes a serene ambiance.

With its larger-than-life stature and impeccable design elements, the Queenstown Timber King Bed promises not just a place to sleep, but an experience in luxury and functionality. After pay is accepted for this product.

Range: Queenstown 

Type: King Bed

Colour: Mocha

Dimensions: 2170 x 1350 x 1920