Paterson Timber King Bed showcased in the Heritage Wharf finish
Paterson Timber King Bed - Heritage Warf

Paterson Timber King Bed - Heritage Warf

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Description: The Paterson Timber King Bed in the iconic Heritage Wharf finish effortlessly redefines luxury and comfort in bedroom furnishings. Crafted meticulously from the highest quality timber, this king bed offers an expansive and cozy resting space. Its sublime Heritage Wharf finish exudes rustic sophistication, making it the centerpiece of any bedroom it graces. Dive into a realm of restful nights and regal comfort with this unparalleled creation. After pay is accepted for this product.

Range: Paterson

Type: King Bed

Colour: Heritage Warf

Dimensions: 2190L x 1300H x 1920W

Warranty: 12 months