Jamaica Timber King Bed With 2 Draws - Light Mahogany

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Description: Experience unparalleled luxury with the Jamaica Timber King Bed, beautifully finished in a radiant Light Mahogany. This expansive bed, designed for those who don't compromise on comfort, exudes both grandeur and functionality with its integrated storage drawers. Every detail of this king bed, from the elegant timber craftsmanship to the streamlined drawer design, reflects a commitment to style and practicality. The Light Mahogany finish adds a touch of tropical charm, ensuring it stands as the regal centerpiece of any bedroom it graces. Dive into a realm of restful nights, lavish comfort, and smart storage with this masterpiece. After pay is accepted for this product.

Range: Jamaica

Type: King Bed With 2 Draws

Colour: Light Mahogany

Dimensions: 2360L x 1350H x 1980W

Warranty: 12 months