Hemingway Timber Queen Bed in the mesmerizing Bridle finish
Hemingway Timber Queen Bed - Bridle

Hemingway Timber Queen Bed - Bridle

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Description: Welcome a blend of timeless elegance and contemporary comfort with the Hemingway Timber Queen Bed, impeccably finished in the Bridle shade. Exuding classic charm with its refined craftsmanship, this queen bed promises nights of tranquil sleep amidst unparalleled luxury. The premium timber construction guarantees durability, ensuring this bed remains a treasured piece for generations to come. The Bridle finish beautifully captures the light, casting a warm glow and adding to the bed's stately presence. Whether you're upgrading your bedroom or setting up a new space, the Hemingway Timber Queen Bed stands as a testament to artistry and finesse. After pay is accepted for this product.

Range: Hemingway 

Type: Queen Bed

Colour: Bridle

Dimensions: 2190L x 1300H x 1620W

Warranty: 12 months