Hemingway Timber King Bed with Bookcase in the exquisite Bridle finish
Hemingway Timber King Bed With Bookcase - Bridle

Hemingway Timber King Bed With Bookcase - Bridle

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Description: Experience unparalleled luxury with the Hemingway Timber King Bed with Bookcase, masterfully finished in the Bridle shade. This majestic bed, sculpted from the finest timber, stands as a symbol of regal luxury combined with functional design. Beyond the grandeur of its king size, the built-in bookcase headboard offers a distinguished space for your beloved books, decor items, or bedside essentials. The deep Bridle finish imbues the bed with a timeless elegance, seamlessly blending with both classic and contemporary room aesthetics. With the Hemingway Timber King Bed, experience the perfect harmony of luxury, utility, and sophistication. After pay is accepted for this product.

Range: Hemingway 

Type: King Bed With Bookcase

Colour: Bridle

Dimensions: 2310L x 1300H x 1920W

Warranty: 12 months