Hemingway Timber King Bed in the evocative Bridle finish
Hemingway Timber King Bed - Bridle

Hemingway Timber King Bed - Bridle

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Description: Step into a world of grandeur with the Hemingway Timber King Bed, adorned in the sumptuous Bridle finish. This bed, sculpted from the choicest timber, exemplifies luxury and masterful craftsmanship. The expansive king size ensures you have a spacious cocoon for nights of undisturbed sleep, while the Bridle finish radiates a warm, rustic charm, making it a centerpiece of any bedroom decor. Perfect for those who seek elegance without compromising on comfort, the Hemingway King Bed stands as a testament to classic design paired with modern flair. Dive into nights of opulence and mornings of admiration with this exceptional piece from Fantasia Furniture. After pay is accepted for this product.

Range: Hemingway 

Type: King Bed

Colour: Bridle

Dimensions: 2190L x 1300H x 1920W

Warranty: 12 months